Mix Wood

‘Mix Wood’ is the first take of our ‘Verb+Material’ project which is about exploring and experimenting exuberant imaginatino of material construction. Mix Wood is derived from utilizing the end grain technique of woodworking with the desire to make a graphical chair that creates optical illusions in the space. By mixing different types of wood, a series of board furniture has been made.

Reel Basket

Just as flexible flowing elements such as rope or cloth hardened momentarily, we focused on to create baskets that give a new sense of illusion in space. Reel Basket is a new feature that derived from the previous work, Peace Piece, more complexly and three-dimensionally. As the flowing lines are weaved together, making the structure, it emitted unexpected dynamic movement and vibrant rhythms.


Originally designed for exhibition stand, the stone-like figures are clustered to form different levels to display objects on it. Using clay resin on stacked foam, and special coloring technique, it was intended to express the gatherings of fake stones. 

Peace Piece

Peace Piece is a series of artwork which can be used as an objet or bookstand that can display books, magazines, and vinyls etc. Unlike conventional bookend, the objective was to express some dynamic feeling that would flow between straight and stiff books and shelf. Curved shapes that move freely across three-dimensional axis express liberty in space.

Mount Chair

Mount is a simple armchair constructed using angled metal pipe and sheet, drawn by the structure of director chair or camping chair. The triangular legs for the foldable structure rather came as a visual impact. To magnify it, we left out the elements for folding function and stand out the structure by repeating the triangular configuration and connecting parts graphically.