Year: 2023
Client: WEKINO
Type: Objects, Mass production
Material: Die casted aluminum
Size: (A) 325 x 173 x 155 / (B) 290 x 250 x 225 mm

BOOK WORM, which was originally handmade with clay resin, has reborn in mass production thanks to aluminum casting technique. The original freely flowing curves in three dimensions were quantified through 3D modeling and then translated into wooden molds. Subsequently, these molds were used for casting aluminum. It is a series of artful product which can be used as an objet or bookstand that can display books, magazines, and vinyls etc. Unlike conventional bookend, the objective was to express some dynamic feeling that would flow between straight and stiff books and shelf. Curved shapes that move freely across three-dimensional axis express liberty in space. The product is developed and produced in collaboration with Korean furniture brand ‘Wekino’, as well as available for purchase.