KUO DUO is a Seoul based creative studio for three-dimensional design: furniture, product, space design along with creative direction.

Hwachan Lee and Yoomin Maeng met at college while studying Industrial Design at Hong-ik University in Seoul, and opened their own design firm after graduation. The studio designs and develops product, furniture and space along with creative direction by the designers with international experience in studios like Cecilie Manz Studio, Form Us With Love, Shigeki Fujishiro Design and SWNA. 

They have wide curiosity about exploring the boundaries of their design output, from industrial design and mass production projects to limited editions, exhibitions and space installations. Their works mainly focus on finding a balance between fresh approaches to material usage and production techniques, along with the functionality and simplicity of the final outputs. The process is accompanied by hands-on experiments and adventurous investigation into various possibilities of material construction, eventually aiming to expand their own design typologies and produce long-lasting products. The studio collaborates with a wide range of brands and clients, offering varied outputs in the field of three-dimensional design.




2F, 28, Cheonho-daero 101-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (04917)