2022.09.22 - 10.22
First solo exhibition at Supply Seoul

WORD PLAY is the methodology that embodies our process of exploring and experimenting exuberant imagination of material construction. It symbolizes our way of making a series of works by combining the words of diverse construction methods or expressions with various materials. For instance, what if ‘MIX’ and ‘WOOD’ combines? How will it be when we ‘WEAVE’ the ‘METAL’? What can we get when ‘DYE’ the ‘STONE’? It sometimes sounds ridiculous and nonsense but it arouses fresh imagination for a new approach.

Curated by Supply Seoul, an art and design platform run by designer Kwangho Lee, our first solo show <WORD PLAY> is an exhibition that introduces the process and three results of ‘WORD PLAY’. It consists of MIX WOOD, PEEL WOOD, and FIRE WOOD, conducted through the act of ‘mixing, peeling, and firing’ the material ‘wood’, as the name of each work refers to. It is an experimental collection of furniture and objects that we have studied how one material, wood, interpreted into different archetypes through different methods. The types of wood were also used in various ways, such as solid wood, interior lumber, and firewood, depending on the each construction technique. All series are the result of hands-on experimentation and made in our wood workshop.

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