Red pine lumber, dyeing pigments
Various dimensions

PEEL WOOD was started from the idea to use a number of painted square lumber remained in the workshop which were supposed to be used for installation frame. Since this 75x75 (mm) lumber is more familiar with using as interior structure or framework, we wanted to give this material a new texture and create various types of furniture. Thus, we chose a method of peeling the painted surface with a nylon brush which is usually used for removing rust of metal.

As wood is a relatively soft material compared to metal, this process grinds the soft parts of the wood, creating an embossing effect on the surface. It highlights the unique grain of the wood that was under the clean surface, such as when it is sandblasted or burned. The grooved surface could absorb the dyeing pigments even better while emphasizing the natural texture and feeling. Using its standardized dimensions, it was made into furniture such as chairs, bench, hanger, and shelf with bold structure through repeated rules.