2023.06.09 - 06.28
at (PLACE) by method
Tokyo, Japan

Duo exhibition with Shigeki Fujishiro
Animation & Drawing by Moriz Oberberger
Supported by Yu Yamada
<SOMETHING TO PUT SOMETHING IN> is a duo exhibition with Japanese designer Shigeki Fujishiro and Korean design team KUO DUO, held in the center of Tokyo. The exhibition shows the results of each designer’s interpretation of the title phrase. Two designers used their respective techhniques and various materials to create own objects such as basket, vessel and vase. KUO DUO presented their new work ‘Weave Plastic Basket’  which is made of recycled plastic alongside their existing work, ‘Reel Basket’ and ‘Fire Wood Vessel’. The show invites you on a playful tour of the two designer’s imaginative approaches and compositions.