PALOMA WOOL World Tour 2023 Seoul

Year: 2023
Client: Paloma Wool
Type: Space & Furniture, Installation, Retail

For Paloma Wool’s first show to encounter Korean customers in Seoul, KD focused on designing the space and display that could fully express the brand and creating a stage with a calm and pure mood that could light up the clothing and accessories. In line with the neutral concept of main items, furniture is basically designed in white and black but has solid points with wooden furniture like chairs and benches. For the poetic and delicate aesthetics of the brand’s mood, the designers chose Tyvek fabric as the primary material to express translucent and misty feelings in the space. With this versatile and recyclable material, they’ve created window screens, checkout desks, sofa, and changing rooms. Besides, they designed a new sofa developed from PEEL WOOD series, with a frame made of dyed pine and cushions covered in Tyvek fabric. It was intended to combine the bold, solid design language of the original work with the crumpled texture of Tyvek.