Year: 2023
Client: Re;code
Type: Furniture
Material: Recycled LLDPE
Size: W360 x D587 x H800 mm

Exhibition: <RE;COLLECTIVE MILAN> at Drop City, Milan, Italy

KERF PLASTIC is a collection of vibrant recycled plastic furniture that explores new approaches to materiality and construction. KUO DUO conducted new experiments to create a series of furniture with recycled plastic board and the objective was to demonstrate the untapped possibilities of shaping three-dimensional objects with this versatile material. Following a series of experimental tests, they’ve recognized the resemblance between the materiality of recycled plastic boards and plywood, and more flexible qualities of the plastic board. In that sense, the designers tried to apply a woodworking technique, ‘Kerf bending’, which is used to bend a wood to the recycled plastic board. This approach allows the once rigid and thick plastic boards to transform into flexible, contoured shapes without the need for heat, glue, or chemicals. Not only for the visual design elements but also this technique was intended to serve as a comfort functionality with rounded edges when applied to backrest and seat of the chair. Designed for exhibition held by Korean upcycling brand Re;code during Milan design week 2023.