Year: 2023
Client: Hem X
Type: Objects
Material: Mixed Wood, beech, red oak, walnut, maple
Size: W220 x D220 x H300 mm

The Mix Wood Vessels take a mundane woodworking technique and replace it with psychedelic surfaces and abstract patterns. Curvaceous lines, a bold juxtaposition of wood types, and the integration of uniquely decorative surfaces define Korean design studio Kuo Duo's Mix Wood series. These vessels are a fresh take on an age-old construction technique using leftover workshop scraps. The process, as reimagined by Kuo Duo, involves putting together unlikely woods and building, cutting, and reassembling until an intriguing new material emerges. These gloriously picturesque vessels have no prescribed use: Fill them with flowers, plants, tools, or nothing at all except their own sculptural splendor. All Mix Wood Vessels feature walnut, beech, red oak, and maple wood and include a glass insert to hold water. Curated by Modern Design Review, Mix Wood comes in a hand-signed limited edition of 5, made exclusively for Hem.  As each piece is handmade, individual differences will occur, making it a unique and one-of-a-kind product. (Text by Modern Design Review & Hem)