Year: 2023
Client: NIKE
Type: Furniture
Material: Recycled LLDPE
Size: W1366 x D686 x H767 mm

Exhibition: <Reversion by NIKE> at Alver, Seoul, Korea

For NIKE’s exhibition held to celebrate the circularity of ISPA Link Axis, KUO DUO created new furniture under the guidance of 'NIKE Circular Design Principle'. FOLD PLASTIC collection is designed to fully use the standard rectangular sizes of recycled plastic boards and eliminate any waste or offcuts during the production process. In order to maximize the use of material and minimize the waste, the rectangular board is used without any shaping, but applied kerf cuts partially which enables it to be folded and fixed in single board. Taking the kerf cut technique to the next step, the designers have utilized this ‘folding’ to give a bouncy feeling and character of fabric sofa. All parts of furniture is assembled with only screws and no glues, making each parts to be easily disassembled for further recycling or replacement.